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“The arguments for using creative writing in the second/foreign language classroom focus on the ability of these written genres to facilitate a process in which writer’s construct a personal voice, have emotional engagement, and gain ownership over a new language”
(Hanauer, 2015. p.67)

“One thing is certain, though: If language teaching is to contribute to the development of personal creativity in learners, then a pedagogy that overemphasizes conformity to target language norms is unlikely to achieve it.” (Jones & Richards, 2015. p. 85).

        Introducing the notion of creativity in second language writing classrooms will definitely improve the writing experience for the students by making them the center of learning. It should also help teachers achieve the educational outcomes of their writing classrooms. However, before applying creative writing in L2 classroom, teachers must know how to teach creative writing, what the different genres of creative writing are, and how L2 students will benefit from creative writing. This website will briefly discuss these three important elements in an attempt to give L2 creative writing teachers a modest guide to refer to before and while teaching.     

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